From the 13th of April to the 15th of october, the international gardening exposition will take place in Berlin. 
We are there too, in the BSR-house "Sammlers Traum"!


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For 186 day, visitors can see landscape design and green urban lifestyle under the motto "an OCEAN of colours". Next to exhibitions, several variegated activieties to participate in are offered. 

With our "material exploration path" we focus on materials, that we stumble upon in our daily lives. With visual examples the workshop is able to give direct access to the topic for teens and young adults, it lets them experience what is behind the materials that are often thrown away without a second thought. 

Similar to a life-escape game, the participants will have to solve tasks to save the world from a collapse of resources and trash!
The Goal is to not only handle the topics of saving resources and avoiding waste in a cognitive manner, but to experience it with all senses and to encourage the participants own ideas and activities.

the accompanying exhebition conveys background knowledge. 

Target audience: young adults, training schools, A-Level classes, vocational preparation



  • see the magnitude of Materialusage and -exhaustion
  • communication of ways to save resources
  • encouration of own ideas and activities


When: From 29. May 2017 on


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