"A great idea. Especially for artistic work!" --- "Wow, amazing. My ideas are overflowing! See you soon!" --- Very interesting for DIYers. It's sad that a lot is getting thrown out without considering this option! Keep going!" --- "Awesome workshops and a great place. I am impressed! You'll see me more often. It's nice that you exist!" --- "Thank you for all the great material" --- "It's wondeful that you go against our society, that throws stuff away without a care!" --- "From start to finish not one boring minute. Even without TV, PC and all these shenanigans! Worderful!" --- "great collection. Wish you all the best!" --- "A real treasure trove!" --- Awesome place, my number one source of inspiration!" --- "Always a pleasure to rummage through your things! Keep going like this!" --- "Great! I hope you find the right rooms and that the project will thrive even more." --- "A brilliant idea!" --- "Fantastic!" --- "Awesome place! It has to stay!" 


Kunst-Stoffe tries to support creative strategies for reuse and reutilisation. Left-over or second-hand materials can be donated to our collection points. Once we categorize them as a sustainable recource, artists, DIYers and non-profit or charitable organisations can purchase them at low-cost

Materials from Kunst-Stoffe get turned into artwork, designer pieces, stage settings and decorations. Kindergardens, schools, theaters and numerous educational artists belong to our circle of frequent users.

Since the establishment of our organisation in the spring of 2006, tons of materials that were already declared trash, could be saved and creatively reused.
With our work we support three socially important fields of action:


  • Waste-Prevention

Kunst-Stoffe establishes a new sector in the fields of Reusability. Unused materials can be donatet or picked up by a staff member before they loose they value by getting thrown away and pollute the city. By that we contribute to the preservation of recources and the prevention of unnecessary waste.

  • Cultural Development 

In Times of declining public financial resources for the area of culture, the need for alternative resources rises. Kunst-Stoffe offers cultural creators a wide range and a vast amount of materials, whose stock is constantly changing. For a professional processing, Kunst-Stoffe offers the temporary use of our workshops (for wood, metal and textiles), as well as further workspace.

  • Support of Creativity

Kunst-Stoffe serves as a networt and a center of exellence. Based on our experience and in cooperation with additional partners we offer thematic events and workshops for different target audiences.


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  1. "Eine sehr gute Idee. Tolle Einfälle für künstlerische Arbeit!"
  2. "Wow, toll. Ideensprudel. Bis bald."
  3. "Sehr interessant für Bastler. leider wird meist voreilig entsorgt. Weiter so!"
  4. "Super Werkstätten & Lager hier. Bin voll beeindruckt und ihr werdet mich hier noch öfter sehen! Schön, dass es Euch gibt!"
  5. "Vielen Dank. Gutes Material!"
  6. "Sehr gut, mal nicht Wegschmeißgesellschaft"
  7. "Von Anfang bis Ende keine Langeweile und das ohne TV, PC oder andere Spielereien. Super Action!!!"
  8. "Super Sammlung! Alles Gute!!"
  9. "Fundgrube!"
  10. "Super Laden! Inspirationsquelle No. 1!