Muscle strength instead of fossil fuels: Cargo Bikes are an alternative to the common motor vehicle – and they are growing in popularity. To collect the kids from kindergarden, to transport the weekly grocery shopping or to deliver heavy goods from A to B – for households or shared flats, associations and families, cargo bikes are a climate friendly and commonly usable alternative for transporting. In our portable cargo bike workshop you can not only rent a cargo bike, you can build one yourself with the help of our professionals!

What is the berlin cargo bike network?

The berlin cargo bike network is a networking project from Kunst-Stoffe – central department for reusable materials e.V., Open Design City / Betahaus, the foundation association anstiftung&ertomis and others that advocate for public property and sustainable transportation methods. The project “Lastenrad – Baucamp” (eng.: build a cargo bike camp) was founded by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Technology until august 2013.

How can I participate?

Are you searching for a cheap alternative to buying a new cargo bike? Did you always want to build a cargo bike yourself but need help realizing your plans? You enjoy welding and manual labor?

Our Kunst-Stoffe members in our workshop-container on the project compund in Karpfenteichstr. are there to help you!

  • learn to weld in our welding workshops for beginners, they are announced on our website beforehand.
  • Test drives of different types of Cargo Bikes
  • discuss your cargo-bike plans with professionals. They will estimate the cost and time you need to invest.
  • continuous work on your own cargo bike
  • learn to weld: people who have participated in a beginners course can improve their knowledge for a small price (material costs)
  • Repairing of metal items