• Repairs are done – as much as possible – by the attendee. If needed with the help of our present professional technicians.

• A voluntary contribution is appreciated

• New materials like electric cables, plugs, fuses or applications are not for free and need to be paid for separately.

• The professional technicians reserve the right not to repair certain objects.

•The professional technicians are not obligated to reassemble dismantled objects that can’t be repaired.

• attendants of the Repair Cafés are responsible for the proper disposal of broken or not functional objects that were not able to be repaired.

LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: We like to point out, that no legally binding contract has been entered with the permission to attend todays event. Admission and repairing as well as the (voluntary) help doing so are for free. The tools are aviable on site. The usage of said tools is free as well. nevertheless, we are not a free-of-charge repair service, our main goal is your interest in self help.We are asking for your understanding, that the Repair Café can only be held accountable in the case of culpable negligence or a wilful damage of your possesions, your body, your life or your health. By signing you agree to this.

PERMISSION TO PHOTOGRAPH: People that do not want to be photographed, filmed or interviewed needs to inform the person recording as soon as possible. If this is not done, we are to assume that every form of article produced in the Repair Cafés can be released, to further the concept of Repair Cafés. This release can happen on websites, documents, articles, presentations and other publicity work for the Repair Café.
If people do not agree with teir depiction, they can enter an objection at any time.