Household aids, entertainment electronics or smartphones, a lot gets damaged during the years, and most of the time it gets replaced by a new purchase and ressources like rare earths get used up and wasted.

If this is due to planned obsolescence* or actual wear and tear makes no difference to repair cafés. The goal of everyone involved is to prolong the life of appliances (often electronic ones) and to help against our societies pressure to consume.

Kunst-Stoffe helps with organizing two repair cafés in Berlin. Repair cafés offer help for self help.
Volunteering technicians help the participants to repair their appliances.
Like the word “Café” suggests, there is usually coffee or tee as well as a few snacks. Repair cafés are known for the confortable and relaxed atmosphere.

More about the Repair Café movement

* the “planned obsolescence” describes the phenomenon of many electronic devices breaking shortly after the guarantee expires as well as the theory that this is a sales strategy of many big companies.