Terms of Use

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Welcome to the open workshop. We want all our visitors to feel comfortable. This is why we ask you to follow the Terms of Use of our open workshop.

  1. Every person, that enters the premises of the open wood workshop and/or is present to use the offers, acknowledges and accepts the Terms of Use.
  2. All users are legally obligated to undergo instructions on how to properly and safely use the machines and tools present. Furthermore they are legally bound to adhere to the instructions of the professional and to the written safety notes on the machines. All Users are obligated to pay attention to the marked danger zones and to act accordingly.
  3. The usage of any and all sites belonging to the open workshop i.e. the usage of rooms, machines and tools happens at the users own risk.
  4. All users have to act in a way that does not impair a proper and safe operation and that does not endanger or discommodes other users.
  5. All users are legally obligated to use all sites, particularly the machines and tools, proper and only for their intended use. The users will be responsible for any damage inflicted by them. Every damage is to be reportet to the staff immediately.
  6. The association Kunst-Stoffe – central department for reusable materials e.V. is liable for property damage or bodily damage within the bounds of already existing insurance contracts (third party insurance and property insurance) as well as damage inflicted due to gross negligence or willful causation of those damages by the association or its staff. Possible claimed demands are to be invoked from the management of the association immediately.
  7. Instructions of Kunst-Stoffe – central department for reusable materials – e.V. and it’s legal representatives or staff are to be followed, otherwise they can make use of the law of the sanctity of the home
  8. The association Kunst-Stoffe – central department for reusable materials – e.V. is not liable for damage that originate from a violation of these terms of use or from not following the instructions given by the professionals and/or the staff, of that originate from improper use of the sites, particularly the machines and tools.
  9. Parents that leave their children in the care of the childrens workshop are to call their childrens attention to the fact, that instructions made by the staff of the open workshop are to be followed.
  10. For the storage of items Kunst-Stoffe is exempt from liability

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