Our Material Storage in Pankow exists just as long as Kunst-Stoffe exists – since 2006!

Here is where we startet to collect the residual materials, that are donated by hardware stores, crafts businesses, companies, factories or ordinary people. A big part of our materials are wood and metal, paints, fabrics, decoration or packaging material. Of course we do have many other items and materials too.


The saved materials are aviable for everyone.
Here you can take a look into our material storages. The assortment of items and materials changes constantly, so we want to invite you to stop by and look around!

Material Donations!

We are always happy if people donate their used material instead of throwing them away.
Attention: material is only accepted after we agreed to. Please call the storages or send an e-mail detailing your donation to neukoelln(at)kunst-stoffe-berlin.de or lager@kunst-stoffe-berlin.de !

Things we don’t accept: chemically or ecologically compromised materials, finished materials (i.e. Furniture)

Things we accept: