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Educational Material from different Providers

A collection of links on the topics of ” environmental education” and global learning with a focus on waste prevention and saving resources

[as of: Juni 2016]

Arche Nova
Project days and educational material for teenagers for global learning

BilRess – Bildung für Ressourcenschonung und Ressourceneffizienz
database about projects, internet offers and materials on the topic resources

BOS Borneo Orangutan Survival
education-suitcase on the topic environment protectiont, focusing on paper and palm oil

Bpb – Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung
all age groups including lesson materials about political education

Brebit – Brandenburger Entwicklungspolitische Bildungstage
all age groups including educational materials about development politics for rent

Brot für die Welt
materials focusing on global learning

BTE – Bildung trifft Entwicklung
all age groups including didactic materials focusing on global learning

Das Nachhaltigkeitshandbuch
online manual for aprentices in belgium about sustainable development(BNE)

Epiz – Globales Lernen in Berlin
all age groups including lesson materials and project days on global learning

different educational materials on the topic of economic growth for people from the age of 15

Gemeinsam für Afrika
learning material for primary school and secondary schools with a special focus on africa

learning material for secondary schools on the topic of climate protection and corporate responsibility in the sector of IT

Globales Lernen
web portal EWIK Eine Welt Konferenz with detailed database including learning materials on the topic of global learning

Hamburger Bildungsserver
educational server of the city of Hamburg including lesson material on the topic environmental and global learning

Haus der kleinen Forscher
materials and inspiration for kindergarden and primary school on the topic or sustainability

exhibitions for rent and educational material on the topic of global leaning for secondary school

Konzeptwerk neue Ökonomie e.V.
all about the topic post growth

Workshops for all age groups, a DVD and an exhibition for creative learningand a practical contact with used materials

Lehrer Online
lessons on sustainability

educational suitcase on sustainability

lesson material for secondary school on the tpic of sustainability, emen wie wastefulness with food and more

Team Global
Workshops from teenagers for teenagers about global learning

UfU – Unabhängiges Institut für Umweltfragen
lesson material about environmental education, free of charge

Umwelt im Unterricht
lesson material and background information regarding current topics in sustainability

collection of materials with rating for sustainable consumerism for secondary school

Verkehrsclub Deutschland
educational materials on sustainable mobility

Virtuelle Akademie Nachhaltigkeit
video based course (not onyl university students) on environmental development

lesson material about species and nature protection with materials to download