Kunst-Stoffe offers workshops on the topic upcycling and project-days for schools or other educational and cultural facilities, as well as seminars and further on-the-job training and skill enhancement for adults and/or pedagogues. Together with children or adults we try to find extraordinary and creative ways for a future worth living

With our educational offers and materials we expecially want to call attention to the topic of sustainability. No matter if playful or theoretic, our approaches at conveying knowledge are suitable for all ages!

We offer seminars, lectures, discussions, meetings, workshops and more.

If you are interested please contact us at workshops@kunst-stoffe-berlin.de or info@kunst-stoffe-berlin.de



Here you can find a selection of workshops that we offer. We have selected different formats to give you a small overview of our educational work.
Depending on the group, the workshops are adjustable on time, topic and skill level.
Upon request we are happy to develope a workshop fitting to your wishes and requests.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Working with bike tires

Every year a large amound of damaged bike tires accumulates. A small hole is enough for a lot of people to get rid of them.And yet, tires are a durable and versatile material. They are waterproof, easily malleable, easily cut with regular scissors and still very robust. We want to utilize those traits: because we have a steady suppy of damaged bike tires they are perfect for upcycling projects. No matter if you want to make a bag, a wallet, jewellery, puppets or knitted pieces – with tires, only your imagination dictates what you can or can’t do.

  • suitable for all age groups
  • ca 15 participants
  • depending on the project between 30 and 90 min

Fantastic Plastic

Plastic bacs made out of HDPE/ LDPE (High/ Low density polyethylene) are transformed into waterproof book covers, CD covers or laptop bags. Polyethylene is a thermoplastic that can be easily upcycled, because it forms new bonds under high heat. Sadly, every year tons of this material are thrown into the garbage or into the ocean. Even if we try to avoid it, plastic bags somehow find their way into our kitchens. Instead of throwing them away, we want to prolong the life of the plastic bag by upcycling it!

  • For children age 9 and above, also suitabe for adults
  • Up to 12 participants
  • Depending on the project between 2 and 4 hours


Old music tapes and cassetes are rarely used nowadays. Their technology is out of date, but a lot of people still have them stored away at home. They use up space, and nealy nobody still has a tape player. So what are we supposed to do with all this material that seemingly became obsolete? Easy! We will craft beautiful and funny, retro looking wallets out of the tapes casings.They are easily opened and closed via zipper and can be decorated with stickers, yarn, fabrics and other reused material.

  • age 8 and upwards
  • 5 – 20 participants
  • about 30 minutes

Puppet Dances

We will give new life to old materials! In this workshop, puppets are made out of different recycing materials.
Out of socks, rubber foam, newspapers, empty packages and different decorations new funny creatures emerge. Those can interact with each other afterwards in small theater scenes.

The workshop takes at least 1,5 hours and can be done with the smallest children. For older children or adults the workshop can be adjusted regarding skill level, time and effort, so everybody can go home with the feeling of having learned something and of having accomplished something.

  • 5 to 20 participants, depending on the room and supervisors icon=icon-time size=14px color=#000 ] ca 90 minutes

upCycled electric thumb piano, the advanced thumb piano

For everyone who always wanted to play the keyboard in a band but just can’t, or for everyone who just simply doesn’t have an instrument: the e-thumb piano gives you the opportunity to jam at maximum volume with a self-made, purse-sized instrument!
Outfittet with a sound pick-up, the electric tumb piano can be easily conected to a sound system. If needed an effects unit (i.e. a sound pedal) can be connected too.

And this is how it sounds in the end

The workshop takes place in the open wood shop in Pankow at previously statet times and dates.

  • ab — Jahren
  • 4-6 Teilnehmer
  • ca. 4 Stunden

Seminars, Lectures and Guided Tours


If your are interested in a Seminar, a lecture on the how and why of Kunst-Stoffe or Sustainability, or in a tour through our facilities please contact us at: workshop@kunst-stoffe-berlin.de or info@kunst-stoffe-berlin.de


      • Our Lectures can be hold in german as well as english.
      • If you want us to especially pay attention to a specific topic please don’t hesitate to ask us.


      • Seminars can be hold in german as well as english.
      • We gladly offer our rooms as a place to hold the seminar.
      • Every seminar can be individually designed with you to adapt to your needs and wishes.

Guided Tours

    • Our tours can be hold in german as well as english.
    • If you want us to especially pay attention to a specific topic please don’t hesitate to ask us.