In many service areas, like exhibition constructions or exhibition-booth designing, materials are only used for a short amount of time before they are disposed of. In manufacturing residual material is seen as waste, even if they would be useful eslewhere. And in construction projects, too, materials go to waste.

In our Project “Wiederverwendung in der kommunalen Ressourcenpolitik verankern” (eng: Embeding Reuse in the communal resource policy) the protagonists of these processes are brought together to devise a framework for Reuse and re-utilisation that is communally embeded. That way large quantities of valuable resources can be preserved in the closed circuit of using and producing and wasteproduction can be lowered.


In the first step we will find suitable sources of material together with corporations and waste management companies.With communal partners we will establish a structure that will weave the quantities of residual materials into the cities metabolism.

Together with the protagonists of the creative economy and non-profit supporting organisations we will determine options for the use of these material fractions. The last step will be an evaltuation of our experiences, increasing the steadiness and the nationwide transfer of our concept.
To achieve this, we will prepare handouts and workshops to pass on our experiences.


The Project will last from May 2017 to april 2019.

The project executing organisation Kunst-Soffe – central department for reusable materials e.V. can draw from extensive experience in this field of work.

Further partners of the project are: the Berlin Senate Department for the Environment, Transport and Climate Protection, the berlin public cleansing service, Flow Hamburg, BUND Berlin e.V., Material für Alle Frankfurt.

We will be happy to welcome any new partners, especially donators and users of the materials we collect.

Please contagt us at: or tel. unter 0179-3401 245.

Dieses Projekt wird gefördert durch das Umweltbundesamt und das Bundesministeriums für Umwelt, Naturschutz, Bau und Reaktorsicherheit. Die Mittelbereitstellung erfolgt auf Beschluss des Deutschen Bundestages.